PREORDER ZERT Advanced Machine Gunner Sully USA Exclusive
[MSE AMG 00]

PREORDER ZERT Advanced Machine Gunner Sully USA Exclusive

PREORDER MSE ZERT Advanced Machine Gunner Juggernaut Sully USA Exclusive MINT IN BOX


E&S Buddy Body 1.0
Sully Headsculpt 
Padded Undersuit (Black)
Typhoon Camo Pattern Frog Shirt (Black Shirt, Black Multicam Forearm Armor Ballistic insert DAPS)
Typhoon Camo Pattern Reinforced Pants (Black Reinforcement Built In Hard Knee Pads in Black)
ARES Gear Ranger Cobra Belt
FAST Helmet
S&S V-Lite x2
Black Multicam Cloth Helmet Cover
NVG Mount (Black)
Wilcox G32 Swingarm for NVG
Helmet Chops & Flip up Visor
"Tacdip" Chewing Tobacco & Holder for Rear of Helmet
First Spear Plate Carrier Vest (Wolf Grey Vest with Light Grey MOLLE Strapping)
First Spear Shoulder Pads (Wolf Grey with MOLLE)
First Spear Neck Guard (Wolf Grey)
First Spear Groin Plate (Wolf Grey - with "Get Some" written in White)
MLCS Triple M4 Mag Pouch (Velcro Closure Wolf Grey)
Medic IFAK Pouch (Wolf Grey)
Sig P220 .45 Pistol with Aftermarket Hogue Grips (Grey Slide, Black Lower) & Tac Light
Blackhawk Serpa Standard Retention Holster with CQC MOLLE Holster Adapter (Black)
Pistol Mags x3
Double Pistol Mag Pouch (Wolf Grey)
Double Frag Grenade Pouch (Grey w/ Black Buckle)
First Spear Dropleg Panel x2 (Grey w/ MOLLE Strapping)
Eagle Industry SAW Ammo Pouch (Grey W/ Black Buckle)
Double M4 Ammo Pouch (Grey W/ Black Buckle - Used to Hold Smoke Grenades - Right Dropleg Side)
M-67 Frag Grenades x2
Red Incendiary Grenades x3 
M-18 Smoke Grenades x2
Emerson CQC-12 Folding Pocket Knife
ZERTified M240L Machine Gun (Grey Receiver, Black Parts)
Rifle Sling (Black)
Red Dot Optic (ET552)
AAC MG Suppressor
LA5 PEQ Laser Designator (Black)
Fore Bipods Grip
TYR Tactical MICO "Quiver of Death" Linked Ammo Carrier with Belt Feed
ZERTified Combat Merrel High Top Outland Hiking Boots
ZERTified Combat Oakley SI Gloves
Sully Approved Patches (Sully, Left & Right facing American Flags, Fear the Beard, F-Bomb, Zero F Given, Task Force Brutal Special Reaction Force)


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